Inmate Activity Book

Volume 1

Finding light in the darkness.

Incarceration can be a difficult and isolating experience. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life. We’ve created this journal to help inmates manage their circumstances, improve their mental health, and keep their minds active.  

Patricia Branigan, a certified drug and alcohol counselor, created these books to aid individuals in reclaiming their lives, enhancing their mental well-being, and discovering moments of joy.

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Inmate Activity Book Volume 2

Discover the Ultimate Inmate Activity Book with All-New Content! 

🧠 Boost Mental Health 🧩 Engage with Puzzles & Trivia 🎨 Explore Art Activities 💌 Send Heartfelt Greetings

Embark on a journey of empowerment and connection with our second inmate activity book. Packed with fresh content, it's the ultimate companion for self-discovery and meaningful connections. 

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Inmate Activity Book Volume 3

This unique volume contains diverse activities promoting well-being and inspiring positive self-expression, offering support and hours of enjoyable entertainment.

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Inmate Activity Book Volume 4

Our mission is to shine a light in the darkness of incarceration. Everyone deserves the chance to thrive, no matter their circumstances. 

Each of the Inmate Activity books contain all new material.

 These books foster mental well-being, promote personal growth, and keeps minds engaged while serving time in correctional facilities. 

Unlock the path to a brighter future for your loved ones. Purchase each volume today and witness the positive impact our Inmate Activity books can make in their lives.

We are proud to be included in the Prison Book Program's Amazon Wish List. 

"Prison Book Program mails books to people in prison to support their educational, vocational, 

and personal development and to help them avoid returning to prison after their release. 

We also aim to provide a quality volunteer experience that introduces citizens to issues 

surrounding the American prison system and the role of education in reforming it.  

We believe that everyone has a right to read and that books are tremendous sources 

of enlightenment, enjoyment, and transformation. 

We also strive to lessen the dehumanization and isolation of incarceration by providing our 

readers with a connection to a community of caring people.

- Prison Book Program

We are proud to be included in the Woman's Prison Book Project Wish List.

"Since 1994, the Women’s Prison Book Project (WPBP) has provided women and transgender persons in prison 

with free reading materials covering a wide range of topics from law and education 

(dictionaries, GED, etc.) to fiction, politics, history, and women’s health. 

We are an all-volunteer, grassroots organization.

We seek to build connections with those behind the walls and to educate those of us on the 

outside about the realities of prison and the justice system."


What people are saying: 

"Taking my mind right out of prison and focusing on something good and positive."      -T.F. Jesup, GA

Great resource for incarcerated people! - 5 stars

I am the director of a nonprofit organization, Prison Book Program, that sends free books and reading materials to people in prisons and jails in all 50 states. We keep this book and the other Inmate Activity Books by Buttery and Branigan on our wish list for donors who support our program to purchase. This is the best book so far, packed with so many resources that are highly valuable for people in prison: games, puzzles, mental health and mindfulness prompts, journaling exercises, calendars and planning tools, health and exercise activities, you name it; it's in there. We have now sent out hundreds of the Buttery and Branigan books to incarcerated folks throughout the country, and we can't wait to send more! Please support their work - they definitely understand the needs of this audience. 

Another great offering from Patricia Branigan to help people in prison! - 5 stars

We have distributed several copies of Volume 1 of this book and have received very good feedback on it! It doesn't repeat the same items from Volume 1 and contains new resources, boredom-busters, and mood-lifters. I can't recommend this book enough for programs like ours or for anyone with an incarcerated loved one. 

Highly Recommend - 5 stars

This book is a wonderful resource containing meditations, gratefulness and workout trackers, and various helpful coping skills and games designed to keep an active brain. As a therapist, I recommend this book to clients.                                         

- Stephanie Hillebrand LMSW CAADC

More resources!

Looking to overcome addiction and create the life you truly want? Look no further than "Achieve Success in Recovery: Create the Life You Want Beyond Your Addiction." This comprehensive guide is packed with practical exercises to help you better understand your addiction, thoughts, and behaviors, all while drawing upon the powerful principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness practices.

Written by Patricia Branigan, a CADC with extensive experience helping people overcome addiction, this book provides effective tools to manage stress and anxiety, making it the perfect resource for anyone dealing with drug, alcohol, gambling addiction, self-harm, and more.

Accessible and easy to follow, this book will help you take control of your addiction and build a brighter future for yourself. So why wait? Order your copy today and take the first step towards achieving lasting success in recovery!

As mentioned on the Dopey Podcast!

We are proud that Achieve Success in Recovery is featured on the Prisoners Literature Project Amazon Wishlist.

PLP is an all-volunteer grassroots nonprofit that sends free books to people behind bars to encourage reading and the pursuit of knowledge.  

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